Jorge C. Lucero

Jorge C. Lucero


Department of Computer Science
University of Brasília
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro
Brasília DF 70910-900, Brazil

☎: (55)(61) 3107-3678

Ph.D. Engineering, Shizuoka University, Japan (1993)

Scientific interests

I am interested in most applications of mathematics and computing to voice and speech production.

The vocal folds at the larynx constitute a biomechanical oscillator that acts as a sound source in phonation. Under proper conditions, the airflow that blows through the glottis induces their oscillation. The oscillation, in turn, modulates the airflow, which results in the generation of an acoustical wave. This mechanism of sound production in common to most mammals, and to songbirds by action of their syrinx's membranes. Then, speech results from the combination of phonation and articulation.

In my work, I use mathematical models combined with analytical and numerical processing techniques to characterize the physical principles of that system. The general aim is to contribute to the understanding of fundamental mechanisms involved and to the development of engineering tools for analysis, clinical diagnosis and treatment. Specific topics of research have included:

  • Dynamics of the vocal fold oscillation
  • Physics-based synthesis of vocal timbre
  • Analysis of aerodynamic and articulatory patterns of speech
  • Parametrization of vocal tract shape
  • Acoustic analysis of voice
  • Muscle-based 3D facial animation of speech

Other subjects of current interest include the mathematical modeling of Covid-19 evolution, geometric folding axiomatics, and natural computing by folding.

Recent courses